Terms & Conditions


How do I create a ad-slot tag and put it to my website?


First you fill up the form for creating new ad-slot (button: Add sites). Then copy created ad-tag and paste it to your website HTML code. Your ad will be shown immediately. Do not modify ad-tag in any way as it could stop working properly and you will lose potential earnings.

How many ad-slots can I have on one webpage?


You can create as many ad-slots for one website, as you wish.

How much can I earn? And where can I see my income stats?


Your earning depends on different factors. Main ones are: amount of traffic, quality of content and positioning of ad-slots. Ads located on the header will generate more clicks than ads inside. All your earnings will be automatically calculated and added to your general balance amount.

Why do I have a lot of traffic but my earnings are too low?


Maybe you should increase minimum price for your ad-slots. And if it's not the solution, check the traffic has a good portion of unique visitors as these are ones we are counting only. If you have healthy traffic, advertisers will find you!