How does it work?


It is simple to use Coin-Ad system. It is based on CPM model. Advertiser needs to create a banner (or some different banners) and add it to Coin-Ad system. If Advertiser is singular (only one) he will have all views/clicks from the ad-slot. If there is more orders for the same ad-slot, he receives the relevant portion of view. Advertiser can choose several websites to place the same ad banner. There are list of category to choose among.

Can I have one account for both Advertising and Publishing?


You may have only one account which you can use both for earning and bidding. Opening more than one account is prohibited and can lead to ban.

What those stats mean? What is CPM, CPC, CTR?


CPM stands for Cost-Per-Mile and it gives you an idea how much 1000 unique views of the particular ad-slot cost.
Currently Coin-Ad use only this model.
CPC stands for Cost-Per-Click - this gives you a average price for one unique ad click within the ad-slot
CTR stands for Click-Thru-Rate and it shows how big percentage of visitors clicks on ads (if the CTR is 3% then 3 out of 100 visitors clicked the ad).

Are there any restrictions?


Coin-Ad has a strict policy of restricting ads on websites that may contain sexual material, violent content, malware, spyware, adware, or potentially harmful activities.

Payments and Withdrawals

What is the minimum deposit and how to make one?


Minimum deposit is 0.0005 BTC and you can make it within your "Acount" page. We need at least 2 confirmation before your funds are added to your balance. Please do not send less, It simply will not be added.

How to withdraw my funds? And how long it takes?


Withdrawals are instant. You can make a withdrawal on your "Account" page. Minimum withdraval is 0.003 BTC and there is 0.0005 BTC fee towards miners.

What is free network?

A free network is the network of ads spaces with traffic of low or questionable quality.
This network consists of the following websites:

1. Websites that use free hosting or domains (such as blogspot, weebly, faucetfly, etc.).
2. Websites with two or more pop-up (pop-under) windows.
3. Websites with lots of ads.
4. Websites with a large amount of traffic that comes from CAP.
5. Websites with a low (quality) of content.
6. Faucets with a zero (or insufficient for payout) balance.
7. Websites that pass the test of traffic quality.
8. The third-party advertising networks.
9. Websites with an index of more than 1 000 000 Alexa Ranking.
On the advertising spaces with low CTR can be put unpaid advertising. It needs to determine the quality of traffic and form the correct websites rating.

It is prohibited to:

1. Place banners on pages with auto redirection.
2. Use more than one account.
3. Place more than 5 banners on the page.
4. The total number of banners on the page must not exceed 15.
5. Place banners in the invisible part of the page.
6. Place banners on pages without content.
7. Use any means of cheating, use of robots.
8. The website must not contain links to viruses, phishing or any sort of malware.
9. The website must not encourage or cheat visitors to click on ads.
10. Place ad blocks on sites:
- that are in development;
- have content for adults;
- participate in CAP or click-clubs;
- that contain more than 3 pop-up or pop-under windows;
- violate the copyright of the content.